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Kindergarten                             Physical Education

Ms Northey Weebly Link                      Kodiak Kilometers

June 1-5

Kindergarten June 1-5 News


Grade 1                                        Resources 

June 1-5                                      Khan Academy Kids

Mrs Brown May 22 & 29                         Khan Academy

Gr 1 Word Sort for Y                          Covid-19 Time Capsule

                                                   Understanding Coronavirus for Kids

                                                   Returning to School During Covid-19  

Grade 2                                         Linda Campbell Resources

June 1-5                                       The Story Of The Oyster and The Butterfly:

Spelling Sheet                                                  The Corona Virus and Me

                                                   Home With The Kids...Now What?

                                                   Ways to Cope in Trying Times

                                                   Families and Staff

                                                   Boucing Forward-Tips on Resilience

                                                   Here and There, Home and School

Grade 3                                        Ministry of Education                             

June 1-5                                        Keep Learning


Grade 4                                         Prov. of BC                                                    

June 1-5                                       Mental Heath & Well-Being


Grade 5                                        

June 1-5                                    


Grade 6                                          We Miss You!        

                                                     Staff Video


Grade 7

College Heights 

* Click on the speaker (paw) in the middle of the slide and press play to hear the voice over of Vice Principal, Dennie Hicks. A speaker or a set of headphones may be needed to hear audio voice over.

Gr 7 Student Transition Presentation

College Heights Secondary Virtual Tour