ICS Parent Support Group

Shopping Card Program

GC Order Form - Fillable GC Order Form - Standard Knights of Columbus Order Sheet


Our PSG sells gift/shopping cards here at the school. This is an excellent fundraiser for our school and the PSG would like to continue increasing the success of this program each year. You receive the full value of the card when you purchase. We have an extensive list of businesses participating in the program. Please check out the order form for the listing of participating businesses.

Please note: The school is required to pay a processing fee for online credit card transactions, which reduces the amount of fundraising we are able to do. We kindly request that GCs that provide a return to the school of less than 4% are paid for in cash or by cheque at the school office with a copy of the order form. Thank you!

For further information or questions contact Sarah Roberge at icspsggc@gmail.com