Parent Support Group


All parents of children at Immaculate Conception School are automatically members of the Parent Support Group (PSG) and are invited and encouraged to become involved in the activities and endeavours of the PSG.

The PSG at Immaculate Conception School is an integral part of our school community and is very supportive of the school and the Council.  PSG meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month 7:00PM - 8:00PM by Zoom until further notice. A link will be sent to parents by email before the meeting date.  The affairs of the PSG are managed by a board of elected officers. The term for the positions is from January to December of each year with elections being held at the January meeting. The meetings are informal and friendly and are a great opportunity for parents to find out what is happening at the school and to meet other parents and school staff. 

If you have any questions about the PSG please contact one of the executive members listed below.

Parent Support Group Executives

Chair: Jessikha Hoeg  
Secretary: Andrea Born  
Treasurer: Julia Good   
Liaison Coordinator:      
Fund Raising Coordinator:   TBD    
Uniform Coordinator: Krista Papp  


*The PSG are looking for volunteers from our school community who will be interested in filling the positons of Chair, Treasurer and Gift Card Coordinator in future. This is a great opportunity for someone who would like to become more involved with our PSG with the intent to transition into the role next year. The prospective volunteer(s) would be able to act as Co-Chair with the current Chair, Stephanie Primus, and shadow the Treasurer, Deb van Adrichem and GC Coordinator, Nick Reiffarth, to familiarize themselves with aspects of the job. The PSG will also be looking for someone to coordinate the annual golf tournament, should public health orders allow.  If you would like to volunteer for any of these positions, please contact the school office.

PSG Volunteer Letter for Parents-March 2021

PSG Meeting Agenda         PSG Meeting Minutes             

PSG Operating Budget 2022-2023

September 14, 2022 PSG Meeting Agenda                September 14, 2022 PSG Meeting Minutes

                                                     October 5, 2022 PSG Meeting Minutes

November 2, 2022 PSG Meeting Agenda                  November 2, 2022 PSG Meeting Minutes

December 7, 2022 PSG Meeting Agenda                  December 7, 2022 PSG Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2023 PSG AGM Agenda                      January 11, 2023 PSG AGM Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2023 PSG Meeting Agenda                  February 8, 2023 PSG Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2023 PSG Meeting Agenda                     March 8, 2023 PSG Meeting Minutes

PSG Fundraisers






Parent Support Group -  A Valuable Part of Our School

Funds raised by the Parent Support Group assist our school in many important ways.  These include funds for textbooks, classroom furniture, staff Christmas gifts, field trips, classroom needs and wishlists, family bbq's, student awards, and our fantastic Healthy Hot Lunch program.   

The annual Spring Fundraiser has been an essential and successful event for the PSG and has traditionally focused on a project each year. Some of the great projects that, with your help, the PSG have completed include the Trail System, Fine Arts program enhancements, Fields project, smart board installation and many more.


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