Volunteer Forms


CIS Volunteer Application

CIS has a mandatory volunteer policy in place. Click here to read the details of this policy.

Volunteer application forms must only be filled in once, not each year. If you would like to volunteer please return this form to the school office. These forms must be filled out by everyone who would like to volunteer, even if you already have a criminal record check and driver's abstract on file.

CIS Volunteer Application Form

Criminal Record Check / Police Information Check

Immaculate Conception School is now enrolled in the Criminal Records Review Program Online Service. This makes it much easier to submit and no paperwork necessary! This process has been updated to include Electronic Identity Verification (EVI) using the BC Services Card. To submit an online request to have your CRC submitted please go to this link:


Access Code: CS2WPWH69E

Follow the instructions provided on the site. In addition, when you submit you should have the option to share your CRC with other organizations who are registered with the online service.


If you are unable to complete the online form or are required to use a manual form for the Police Information Check (PIC) please print off the form and accompanying letter below and bring to the RCMP Office downtown. You will be required to pick up the PIC once it is completed and return to the school office.

Volunteer Letter Required for ALL Police Information Checks

Volunteer Letter

Police Information Check

Volunteer Drivers

Please complete the volunteer driver's application HERE. In addition, all information below must be submitted to the school office.

Catholic Independent Schools requires that Immaculate Conception School collect the following documentation from all volunteer drivers:

  1. Copy of current valid Driver's Licence
  2. Copy of proof of insurance and liability
  3. Copy of Driver's Abstract (Drivers Abstract can be applied for online HERE.)